Day of the Dead Skull Halloween Nail Decals (Waterslide Nail Decal)

$2.99 $2.49


One pack includes 30 nail decals with 3 color variations! 10 of each!

These are professional quality water slide nail decals. Easy to apply. Instructions are included.

How to Apply:
1. Cut the decal out
2. Dip in water for 10-15 seconds
3.Remove decal from paper backing and place on nail
4. Apply a top coat

Every decal comes on a clear background so you can layer it over any nail polish of your choice. Best results on top of lighter color nail polishes.

*Note: The skulls will only be white if applied on top of a white nail polish.

The decals will come in various sizes so you can use them for a mani or pedi!

Nail decals last for more than a week with a top coat applied!