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8 Piece Stamping Plate Kit

Includes: 5 stamping plates Scraper (8.5x5.5cm) Clear Stamper: diameter (4cm)x height (5cm) Latex Nail Protector Tape (10pcs)

Stamping Plate (paw print, floral, hearts, chevron) ND-Z05

Designs included on plate: hearts floral roses paw print chevron    

Latex Peel Off Nail Protector Tape

Contents: One pack (includes 10 nail protector tapes) Uses: For use with stamping plates or simply to protect your skin from nail polish WARNING: Do not use if you have latex...

Nail Stamper and Scraper Kit

Includes: Clear Stamper and Scraper Uses: Use with stamping plates Stamper Size:Diameter (4cm)x Height (5cm) Scraper Size: 8.5x5.5cm

Stamping Plate ND-Z16

Stamping Plate Size: 4.75 in x 2.35 in

Stamping Plate (roses, daisies, butterly) ND-Z11

Designs included on plate: roses butterfly daisies    

Stamping Plate (plaid, polka dots, chevron, stripes, stars) ND-Z01

Designs included on plate: plaid stripes stars polka dots chevron    

Stamping Plate (assorted florals) ND-Z06

Designs included on plate: florals leaves